FROM £350/day

With a great-sounding live room, vocal booth, and an extensive collection of equipment -
anything is possible.

When competition is so fierce, getting clean, high fidelity recordings is a must. Our Yamaha upright piano and Gretch Broadcaster drum kit are on hand should you need them, and dynamic isolation panelling gives full control over the sound you're working on. 



FROM £100

If you've recorded something great, you want to make all the individual parts sit exactly right.


Let our experienced mix engineer polish your product and get it ready for release. A treated listening environment and a range of monitoring options provide us with unparalleled perception of your track.




FROM £40/track

The icing on the cake, mastering gets your work radio-ready.

By running your audio through top end compression units, we are able to get your Single, EP or Album sounding cohesive and ready for broadcast on whatever platform you may choose. 

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FROM £75/hr

Perfectly clean audio, recorded in a comfortable environment.

Whether recording wild or to picture, our cloud and isolation panelling allow us to capture crisp, reverb-free audio efficiently and effectively.