Making art is hard and creativity can be fickle. The modern musical landscape is saturated with new talent, and in order to stand out there is a real need for artists to present themselves as exceptional, both audibly and visually.

Passion That Shows.

At Fairlight we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality recording, video and photography services. We use cutting-edge equipment and knowledge, while striving to maintain a relaxed and homely environment, allowing you to do what you do best.

Working with us means you can tailor your media package so you’re fully prepared to give your release the exposure that it deserves.

Specialists In Every Field.

We ensure your art is received at its best. As creatives ourselves, we are passionate about what we do and are therefore fully commited to your product. We are only happy if you are satisfied.

Having in-house audio and video capabilities means projects are easier to organise, and results in a better overall product due to seamless communication between departments.


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