Voice Over Recording Overview


Hight impact media needs high quality audio,
and our Voice Over service guarantees just that.

Industry leading equipment and isolation, a bright and airy recording space, and engaged and friendly staff are all part of the reason we’re trusted by clients such as the BBC, Carlsberg and Kingston University.

We understand the pressure of imminent deadlines, and will strive to deliver your projecct in the shortest possible time - in most cases this will be a few hours after recording.



Per Hour - £75
(Triggered after 15 mins)

Half Day - £300
(4 Hours)

Full Day -
(8 Hours)




  • Our Mixing Engineer will greet the artist at the studio, and will walk them through our process.

  • Our isolation pannels form a dampened booth in our bright and spacious live-room, giving clean audio without the claustrophobia

  • The producer or director are welcome to call in to monitor the session as required, or you can leave it up to our experienced team.

  • We will transfer you a digital .WAV or .MP3 of your VO, ready for upload to your project.


Our process

  1. Please make sure you've read over our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page, as by hiring us you agree to what is included in them.

  2. Send over the script in advance so that we can have everything printed and prepared for the session. We will set up the room in advance, using a high-fidelity vocal microphone and a monitoring system that allows the artist to communicate remotely with the engineer.

  3. On the day we will welcome the VO artist to the studio, making them comfortable and walking them through our process before beginning the recording.

  4. Our engineer will record and monitor the session from the control room, listening for any deviations or imperfections. He will ensure that the recording has a broadcast appropriate level, and is perfectly clean.

  5. After the session, we will bounce down the audio and export it in any required format to meet your deadline.